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Custom pre-built cabins offer a range of benefits for those seeking to create a unique and personalized living space in a natural environment. These cabins are built to meet individual requirements, taking into consideration specific design preferences, size, location, and budget. One of the main advantages of custom pre-built cabins is that they save time and effort by offering a complete package with everything needed for a comfortable living space, including insulation, electricity, and plumbing. Additionally, these cabins can be constructed with high-quality materials that are both durable and sustainable, providing a long-lasting and eco-friendly living solution. Moreover, pre-built cabins can be transported to remote locations, making them ideal for those seeking a secluded and peaceful lifestyle. Ultimately, custom pre-built cabins offer an attractive option for anyone seeking a unique, personalized, and efficient living space in a natural environment.

The Whitetail

The Whitetail is designed around pure living space; nothing unnecessary. This is accomplished by coming equipped with a spacious living area separated only by walls to the bathroom and bedroom.
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The Moose

One of the more popular modular, the Moose combines the aspects of other modular and floor plans into one. It does this by coming fit with a covered porch located on the “Gable” or short end of the structure.
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The Elk

The Elk, created for lovers of nature and the great outdoors, has a floor plan that is perfect for any mountainous retreat or camp ground. Often referred to as “the corner porch cabin”; while true, this doesn’t paint the whole picture.
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The Antelope

This cabin combines two or more of our other cabins to create the desired living space and accommodate the needs of larger families or friends.
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The Caribu

This cabin is designed with a “Reverse Gable Design” to allow for a vaulted ceiling area to increase the volume of the living space in your desired location.
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When you are looking for even more custom features we offer kits. These are pre assembled and delivered to your location. Great for states far away from Kentucky.
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The "Basic Cabin" Includes One Complete Cabin Shell, Entry Door, Insulated Vinyl Windows, Floor Insulation, Wall & Roof Insulation, and Recommended Foundation Plan. This is A Great Cabin For Someone Who Needs The Shell But Will Complete The Rest Of The Construction Themselves.


The "Premium Cabin" Includes Everything The "Basic Cabin" Comes With And More! Pre-wired Electrical W/ 200 Amp Panel, Cabinets & Countertops, Stains & Clearcoats, All Interior Plumbing, Fixtures, And Tankless Hot Water Heater. These Are Our Most Complete Cabins For People Who Want A Complete House Shipped To Your Land.

Additional charges may apply depending on snow loads, wind loads, and other local building code requirements.

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