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Deer Run Cabins is a second generation company. A Deer Run cabin is more than just a cabin, it’s a home. We strive to deliver the cabin of your dreams every single time. No cabin has true Kentucky Amish craftsmanship like a Deer Run Cabin, a claim we continually prove time and time again. We do this by creating completely customized cabin or home kits and pre-built modular homes with the best in quality materials and craftsmanship possible. The secret is in our cutting edge building materials, “Structural Insulated Panels” or SIPs as they are more commonly referred to as. SIPs allow us to build faster, stronger, and 100% green all while keeping costs to a minimum. Deer Run Cabins firmly believes the only way to provide a perfect home is with your (the customer) help in the design of the perfect layout to fit your needs.

We Can Be Permitted In All 50 States!!!

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All of our cabins can be permitted in any state no matter where you choose to call home.


All premium prebuilt cabins now include all interior plumbing, fixtures and hot water heater.
The Elk

The Elk, created for lovers of nature and the great outdoors, has a floor plan that is perfect for any mountainous retreat or camp ground. Often referred to as “the corner porch cabin”; while true, this doesn’t paint the whole picture.

The Moose

One of the more popular modular, the Moose combines the aspects of other modular and floor plans into one. It does this by coming fit with a covered porch located on the “Gable” or short end of the structure.

The Whitetail

The Whitetail is designed around pure living space; nothing unnecessary. This is accomplished by coming equipped with a spacious living area separated only by walls to the bathroom and bedroom.

The Antelope

This cabin combines two or more of our other cabins to create the desired living space and accommodate the needs of larger family’s or friends.

The Caribu

This cabin is designed with a “Reverse Gable Design” to allow for a vaulted ceiling area to increase the volume of the living space in your desired location.


What Are Sips?

You may be thinking “SIPs must be complicated if they offer so much”, but the truth is SIPs aren’t complex at all. At the very root a SIP is just a compressed piece of recycled polystyrene foam sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board.

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Deer Run Cabins of Campbellsville, Kentucky is a second-generation Amish cabin company offering both pre-built modular cabins and build-on-site cabins and homes across the entire United States and Canada. We are licensed manufactured home dealers in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado but keep in mind we can get a permit and ship to any state. Always remember we can customize your home kit to what ever your needs may be. Please allow us to help you make those dreams come true.